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Will my conservatory be darker with an Insulated Conservatory Ceiling?

No. Because light is reflected off bright surfaces the white PVCu finish of your conservatory ceiling will give a bright and airy feel to your room.

How long does it take to install?

Typically a standard size conservatory takes one day to complete with the larger and more complex designs such as T or P shaped conservatories taking 2 days to complete.

Do you make sure my roof is not leaking?

Yes, our highly skilled survey and installation department will thoroughly check and test the outside of your existing conservatory roof during the survey and pre-installation stage. Any slight repairs will be undertaken before we install your new insulated ceiling.

Is it guaranteed to work?

Yes. Because we line your existing conservatory roof with our specially designed 19 layer thermally efficient insulation material which is made up of multiple reflective and insulating layers it stops the heat from escaping in the winter, keeping your conservatory warm. Then in the summer it reflects away the sun and prevents warm air from the outside raising the temperature inside your conservatory, keeping it nice and cool.

Will the insulated ceiling cut down the level of outside noise in my conservatory?

Absolutely. The insulation material we use not only provides superb thermal insulation; it provides an excellent sound barrier too. A new insulated ceiling will dramatically reduce the sound of rain, traffic and other outside agents giving you a room you can fully relax in, have the kids use as their play area or watch the television in.

My conservatory suffers from condensation. Your insulation system won’t solve this will it?
Condensation occurs when warm, moist air, such as that in your conservatory, rises and hits a cold surface, such as the roof of your conservatory. The warm air condenses on the cold surface, forming moisture. Our unique 19 layer insulation material forms a thermal barrier that prevents the warm air in your conservatory from condensing on the roof. We also install a ventilation system on the ring beam which allows the system to breath.

What kind of Guarantee do I get with an Insulated Ceiling?

Your products and installation carry a fully comprehensive NO QUIBBLE guarantee of 5 YEARS.

How much does an insulated conservatory roof system cost?
This depends on the size and style of your conservatory. If you would like a quote, please use our INSTANT QUOTE service. Measure the length and width of your conservatory as accurately as you are able to. Fill in the information telling us what style it is if you know it. This could be a Victorian, Edwardian or Lean-to style. We have provided sample diagrams in our Styles of Conservatories section to guide you. If your conservatory has an unusual shape floor plan (the P or T Shape) you can calculate the total floor area by treating the plan as a number of rectangles joined together. Based on this information from you, we will work out a quote and email it back to you. If you prefer, we offer a Free No Obligation quotation service where one of our friendly consultants can visit you to offer best advice and also provide you with a written quotation.

I live on the South Coast, do you cover my area?
​We are a Nationwide company and we cover the length and breath of the UK. Our Head Office is in the Midlands and we have offices in London and Milton Keynes and agents working in various locations throughout the country. We are able to arrange a No Obligation Visit to your home to show you the materials we use and how we install your new ceiling. We check the suitability of your conservatory for the proposed installation and answer any questions you may have.