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Insulated UPVC Finish Ceiling

The most popular choice for customers looking to solve temperature problems with their existing conservatory with a cost effective totally efficient insulation system. The bright white upvc shiplap internal system gives a stunning, maintenance free, light bright and airy finish to your room. With 'u' values of below 0.15, the insulation will ensure there is no more Too Hot Summer days and definitely no more Too Cold Winter days in your conservatory. All installed, fully guaranteed within just 1 day.


UPVC cladding is widely used to produce a stunning internal ceiling for a solid or tiled conservatory roof conversion. It can completely transform a property, enhancing its appearance and providing a cost-effective low maintenance option. Available in a wide range of colours, styles and designs, including Shiplap, Open V, feather edge and Herringbone.


UPVC conservatory panels can maintain the image of a bright, open and airy space.  Conservatory insulation with a UPVC finish can add a clean, sharp and modern look to the room while retaining the open and light-filled effect of a traditional full glass conservatory.


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  • Helps improve a home’s insulation

  • Spruces up and modernizes a property

  • Looks good and reflects like in all directions helping to brighten up any room

  • Removes the need for time consuming maintenance such as painting

  • Minimal maintenance, just needs an occasional clean with soap and water

The main benefits of uPVC cladding are:

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1)  This step involves the inspection of your current polycarbonate or glass conservatory for a range of faults and flaws. These are fixed before the insulated ceiling installation can proceed.




2) Treated high-quality wood under frame is fitted on the underside of the roofing beams. Our trained technician and installation engineers are proficient when it comes to insulated ceiling projects. They ensure that all the joints are measured and cut according to size for a great finish.




3) Distinctive multilayer insulated quilt is fixed to cover the underside of the conservatory ceiling. This special energy efficient quilt layer is manufactured for insulting conservatory ceilings. It meets the standards set by building control laws, its fire resistant and faulty approved.




4) Another layer; that is the treated timer sub frame is installed to provide sturdy hoisting for the Insulated Upvc cladding that eventually creates the stunning and perfectly crafted internal ceiling.




5) Our qualified installation team will design an appealing internal ceiling using quality plaster boarding techniques, finished with a beautiful Plaster Skim. The design aligns to your current theme and style of the roof to offer enough headroom while keeping your desired ambience intact. You can also choose a UPVC Cladded finish also.

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THE Conservatory Roof Solutions Insulated Conservatory Ceiling


Makes your conservatory look and feel like a real room


Once the framework, insulation and cross-ventilation is installed, your conservatory will then be plastered and ready to be painted. Your conservatory will now have a fully insulated ceiling that looks and feels like a real room.

Quick Turnaround Time


Our conservatory roof insulation system is only added to the inside of your conservatory. Because of this we are able to dramatically decrease construction time, as well as costs – making our system affordable with minimal fuss. In fact, most conservatories are transformed in just a day.

Vastly Improved Temperature Regulation.


We install only the most effective, highest quality insulation materials to the inside of your conservatory roof. Because of this heat loss is reduced by up to 90% – more than four times as effective as ceiling blinds! Also, your conservatory will no longer create the greenhouse effect in the Summer, keeping it much cooler.

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