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Timber Frame Conservatory Roofs - Step By Step Guide

Conservatory Roof Solutions Step By Step 1

Step 1 - Full Technical Survey


A full survey of your existing conservatory is carried out by one of our experienced surveyors who will check the foundations for integrity as well as the existing window frames and doors to establish whether the structure is suitable to have a new tiled conservatory roof installed. Reinforcements to frames are sometimes required, or in a small number of cases, new frames and doors may be required.


Your surveyor will be able to go through all of the options and provide a detailed and accurate quotation for the complete job.

Conservatory Roof Solutions Step By Step 2

Step 2 - Full Removal Of Existing Roof and Correct Disposal


The conservatory roof is carefully removed leaving only the windows, doors and brickwork in place.


A new timber ring beam is fitted alongside the existing windows to support the new roof structure.


The pitch of the roof can sometimes be increased to provide additional strength and durability as well as providing a better internal space.

Conservatory Roof Solutions Step By Step 3

Step 3 - Onsite Build Of A Bespoke Timber Framed Roof


A new timber roof structure is completely made bespoke onsite.


Conservatory Roof Solutions use only the best sustainable timber materials which are made for use in all roofing projects.


Your new timber roof is handcut onsite to ensure it is built to exact dimensions and fit perfectly using traditional roofing methods.

Conservatory Roof Solutions Step By Step 4

Step 4 - Installation Of Water Proof Breathable Membrane


Once the roof structure is built, a breathable membrane is fitted which provides a waterproof barrier whilst also allowing your roof to breathe.


This is vital in ensuring there is never a risk of condensation within your new conservatory roof space which has been a problem for people having an aluminium framed conservatory roof installed.


Our guarantee covers our commitment to installing a warm roof which will never suffer from leaks or condensation.

Conservatory Roof Solutions Step By Step 7

Step 5 - Installation Of Option Roof Windows & Insulation Blocks


Roof windows are a great way of allowing natural light into your conservatory whilst not compromising the 'U' value of your new warm roof. We offer a full range of roof windows of various sizes and colours.


If you choose to have modern LED downlighters installed, the first fix electrics are installed at this point within the roofing structure.


100mm rigid insulation blocks are installed between the rafters for maximum insulation.

Conservatory Roof Solutions Step By Step 5

Step 6 - Installation Of Chosen Tiles Or Slates


Tanalised roofing batten is added to the external part of the roof where required, which provides a secure fixing point for your chosen slate or tile.


Conservatory Roof Solutions offer a full range of shingle tiles and lightweight slates to suit any type of conservatory and blend closely with your home. Tapco Slates, Metrotiles and Britmet slates and tiles all come with a minimum 40 year manufacturer backed warranty for added peace of mind.

Conservatory Roof Solutions Step By Step 6

Step 7 - Installation Of Optional LED Lighting & Ceiling


Internally, our customers have the choice between a beautiful plastered ceiling or a stunning PVCu cladded ceiling.


2nd fix electrics are also fitted at this point so they can be tested prior to the roof being plastered.


Our customers can choose to house their housewall or in some cases their dwarf walls plastered to create that complete renovation to their conservatories and produce a thoroughly modern all round makeover.

Conservatory Roof Solutions Step By Step 8

Step 8 - Installation Of Lead Flashing


We are often able to reuse and redress your existing lead. The benefits of this is your existing lead will already have oxidised over time and will look naturally aged.


If there is any damage to your existing leadwork, we will replace the lead fully on the party wall to terminate the roof and prevent any weather from penetrating the roof.

Conservatory Roof Solutions Step By Step 9

Step 9 - Installation Of Decorative Ridge and Hip Tiles / Slates


Decorative ridge tiles are fitted along the hips of your roof. These ridge tiles are perfectly coloured matched to complete the perfect aesthetics of your new warm roof.


Ridge tiles effectively close off the points where your roof tiles or slates meet along the ridge and along any angles where the various facets of your new roof meet, preventing any water ingress.


All of our slates are securely affixed using screws and fixings designed to never rust or degrade.

Conservatory Roof Solutions Step By Step 10

Step 10 - Installation Of New Fascia, Soffits & Guttering


New fascia, soffits and gutters including downspipes are installed complete with an over head fascia vent to prevent the new roof from sweating.


Your new conservatory will get a full clean down both inside and out in a strong UPVC cleaner, all internal window and door handles are replaced with a choice of gold, chrome or white to match the interior downlights.


It is the attention to detail that sets Conservatory Roof Solutions apart from the rest and ensures our customers are delighted with the end result, each and every time.

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Every Installation Of A

Conservatory Roof Insulation Timber Framed Warm Roof

Comes With A Building Control Certificate Issued By JHAI

The UK's Leading

Independent Building Inspectors

Did you know that you can now replace a conservatory roof with a solid tiled conservatory roof, in most cases, without having to apply for planning permission?


You are however advised to apply for certification from an approved inspector to ensure your solid roof conforms with all current building regulations. Conservatory Roof Solutions do this on your behalf as a matter of course for all of our customers.


It is important that your current conservatory conforms to current building regulations, ortherwise you may have to apply for retrospective planning permission when converting to a tiled roof.


The conservatory is separated from the house by external quality walls, doors or windows.


There should be an independent heating system with separate temperature and on/off controls.


Glazing and any fixed electrical installations comply with the applicable building regulations requirements.

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