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How long does it take to insulate my conservatory?

Over 95% of our installations take place in just one day, larger or complex bespoke conservatories may take a couple of days.

Are all conservatory insulation quilts the same?

No! Our Low-E quilt is unique in the UK. Low-E is the ONLY breathable quilt available in the UK. Low-E is the Worlds #1 insulation quilt with over 1 billion sqft installed in over 30 countries worldwide. Over 95 % of companies in the UK use multi-layer quilts, don’t be conned by multi-foil quilts, they all contain moisture or vapor control layers due to the fact they generate condensation.

How environmentally friendly is your insulation quilt?

Brilliant question, Low-E is unique in the insulated quilt world, when manufactured its 100 % carbon neutral. Its only environmental impact is when its transported in the UK - It's also made from 40% recycled materials. Our system is the GREENEST solution available in the UK.

How fire safe is your conservatory roof insulation?

VERY VERY SAFE, Low-E is the only Conservatory roof insulation quilt to have a Class 1 Class A fire rating in the UK. Most multi-layer polymer quilts such as Superquilt and Conservaheat are a Class E, the lowest rating available. We are very proud to offer the safest quilt available in the UK.

How many people will come to my installation?

This always depends on the actual conservatory; most installs are fitted by 2 men teams. If we are fitting lighting then we also send a fully qualified electrician, so that would be a 3-man team. If you’re having plaster, we also send a plasterer so that could either be 3 or 4 man team depending on if you’re having lighting also.

How do I know if my framework / roof structure is suitable?

In 99% of cases all conservatories are suitable, however our surveyors also check its suitability. When our installation team turn up on site they also check before starting work. Should at any stage the roof is not suitable we can quote you to make it good before the installation can take place.

Is it SAFE to add weight to my conservatory?

Our insulation system adds just 150 grams per square meter whereas heavier quilts such as SuperQuilt (used by 99% of installers in the UK) adds 800 grams per square meter and even the cheap thin 7-layer polymer quilts adds 500 grams per square meter. As we offer the lightest system in the UK which is the best option for adding insulation to any conservatories of any age. Our system meets and exceeds building regulations and building control and is a government approved insulation solution. Our Low-E system is 100% safe to add to any conservatory.

Can I leave opening vents or viewing panels ?

Yes, it’s totally up to you, mention it to our surveyor on the day and they will explain the options.

How low will it come down, how much roof-space does it take up?

The simple answer is between 6.5cm and 7.5cm. You will retain the shape and structure of your conservatory. Once fitted you won’t notice any difference whatsoever.

I have a glass roof; will I still be able to see through it?

No, however should you opt to leave opening vents uncovered you will be able to see through those. As we either clad or plaster the ceiling,

Do you only offer UPVC cladding?

No, we offer you a choice of UPVC and also a Plaster finish.

Can you offer a Plaster Finish?

Yes, we offer a Plaster finish. Once the plaster ceiling is finished, it will take about a week to fully dry out ready for painting.

What colour finishes are available?

In the UPVC cladding only what is available however if you choose a plaster finish then you can paint it whatever colour you like.

I have an old Ceiling light / fan can you replace this?

Yes, we will take your old light down, fit the installation and then refit it. If you want to change it, we will install the new light for you.

We don’t currently have lighting in the conservatory, can you install lights?

Yes, we have fully qualified electricians on staff and can supply and fit lighting to your conservatory, just ask your surveyor.

Do your installers / surveyors follow social distancing?

Yes, we follow all government regulations for your Covid Protection.

Why choose Conservatory Roof Solutions for my conservatory insulation

We try harder to please all our customers, just look at our customer testimonials and feedback. We are not the biggest company out there, often bigger is not better. To us you’re not just a number, we know each and every one of our customers personally. We have been trading in Conservatory Insulation for over 12 years, we have been on Trustatrader for nearly 4 years with NO negative comments. We install the best, most fire safe and only fully breathable quilt available in the UK. We offer a FREE In-Home hassle free, no hard sell consultation and we will BEAT any like for like quote.

How much does it typically cost?

That is a difficult question to answer directly as every conservatory is different. What we would say is we have a minimum order value of £1500. Our conservatory roof insulation typically costs around a 3rd of the cost of a fully tiled roof. We are more than happy to visit you, measure and survey your conservatory, choose the right options for you and quote you on the spot, with no obligation and no hard sell.

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